After I posted the blog a few days ago, I was still considering keeping the gorgeous enamel flower pin. I told myself that if it didn't sell in the next 30 days I could keep it. But, I'm out of luck! It was snatched up the following afternoon!! I hope she enjoys this piece because I think it's wonderful!

New things being added to the etsy shop this afternoon! Already up is an adorable spring/summer headband I have affectionately named "the strawberry shortcake". I think this and my black polka dot headband will be in stiff competition with each other as far as my "never see me without it" headband goes!!

Going up this afternoon are two awesome vintage 70's dresses. One is a fun day dress, and the other is a disco dress for a night on the town...maybe on a Saturday...with a fever...

On a photography note, here's a sneak peek from my shoot with baby Angelina. So adorable and inquisitive - an absolute beautiful girl with such personality!

Her mom, Connie, is the Maid of Honor for the wedding I'm shooting this Saturday for Heather and Keith. Heather put together and made by hand just about every detail of this wedding, so I'm very excited to capture it all for her!


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