Yesterday, we shot our last wedding of the year in Madeira Beach, FL and we got to spend it with family and friends. Jarrod and Becki had a beautiful beach side wedding - here is a sneak peek...

Congratulations Jarrod and Becki! We're so glad we were able to be a part of your day!
Today we had the pleasure of photographing Kaitlyn and Gabriel's wedding, and getting to meet their wonderful families.

We woke up this morning to pouring rain outside, which softened to a sprinkle during the limo ride to the church, that turned into beautiful glimmers of sunshine just as they said "I do".

Kaitlyn and Gabe were so much fun to work with and such a sweet couple.

Congratulations newlyweds!!
Well we've finally reached December!! Todd and I LOVE the holidays and we try our best to soak up every minute of it! Last Saturday we went to see the Orlando Philharmonic Christmas show (which was lovely) in the afternoon, and my favorite band NeedToBreathe that same night (not exactly Christmas - but AMAZING!) IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!

If our Holiday Giveaway (enter now in the post below if you haven't already) hasn't helped you get into the holiday mode, maybe this will help!!

{Don't forget to change it from 360 to 720HD in the bottom right corner of the video for the best viewing quality if you're computer can keep up!}

SO MUCH FUN!! Yay Christmas! So between our Christmas Giveaway going on, the totally wonderful Christmas traditions we can all read with each new entry for the contest (which has been the best part about it!!) and this reved up tree decorating video - if you still aren't in the Holiday spirit.....well....Scrooge will be knocking on your door any minute now!!

Tomorrow we're heading to the taping of the Disney Christmas Parade. Now - if you just thought to yourself "TAPED!!??"... I know. My memories of opening presents and loving life while watching the Disney Parade on Christmas morning - shattered. I had no idea it was taped!!!!! Everyone would chime in "Just look at how beautiful it is at Disney today!". I only found out two years ago when Todd offered to take me to the taping that year and I was BEYOND confused. My brother still doesn't believe that it isn't live.

If you've never seen Cinderella's Castle at Christmas in all of it's twinkling glory - it's spectacular...

I'll try to take some pictures and give you a sneak peek of what you can enjoy Christmas morning! (the prospect of showing you pictures makes me feel like an insider...or a spy...)

Merry Christmas!!
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That's right - we are doing a GIVEAWAY!! And who doesn't love getting free stuff during the Holidays.

We're doing this "Oprah's Favorite Things" style. Up for grabs is my absolute favorite bag that I own. I am a proud user of reusable shopping bags and when I heard about the lead that's in the colorful cute bags you find for sale - I thought it was time I made my own.

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It features two adorable flowers which give it such a beautiful feminine look.

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Good luck!
Last weekend, we were on Sanibel Island in Florida with Renata and Carlos for their Beautiful wedding. They are such a wonderful couple and we had a great time capturing all of the special moments of their day. It doesn't get much better than this...
I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween weekend and are coming down from their sugar buzz!!

For Halloween, Todd and I decided to dress up as photographers. And the wonderful Kelley and Eric were so kind to provide us with a wedding so we could really look the part!!

They had a beautiful wedding this past Sunday On Orchid Island in Florida, and we were so happy to be there with them. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

They decided to do a "first look" and see each other before the ceremony. Their reactions to this moment were priceless and I can't wait to share more photos of their first look with you when I post their full blog.

Because they did a first look, we had a chance to take photos before their guests arrived for the ceremony and I was able to capture some really beautiful moments for them.

One weekend and two fabulous weddings! Congratulations Kelley and Eric!!
This morning, we had the pleasure of being with Elizabeth and John on their big day! And what a gorgeous days it was!!! Bursting at the seams with excitement for this moment - they are now Mr. & Mrs.

Here is a sneak peek - they are the sweetest couple...

Congratulations Newlyweds!!
Earlier this month, previews for the Broadway show Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown began and the show officially opens next weekend. It stars Patti LuPone (Broadway's First Lady), Sherie Rene Scott, and Brian Stokes Mitchell to name a few... and for those who aren't familiar with Broadway - it's kind of a big deal.

For those of you who don't know, I actually have a BFA in Acting and live for theatre. I grew up performing and spent a year on the road after University in a touring production. So if you were thinking you wanted a mime performance, a Shakespearean sonnet, an interpretive dance, or a belted out showtune as the unforgettable event at your wedding... I can hook a sister up. For real though - I love theatre.

I feel the better my brides know me, the more comfortable they are in front of my camera which allows me to take all of those awesome candid shots which are my favorites - especially the laughing ones... there's just something so wonderful about capturing a laugh.

I'm layin' it all out there so you can know me better - here's my final curtain call before graduation..

Now you know! I think I should start a reoccurring blog installment called "now you know"....hmmmmm.....

Anyway, back to it. Women on the Verge. with Brian Stokes Mitchell = total awesome wonderfulness. He's my absolute favorite. Back in high school I emailed him through his website with a song suggestion for a Broadway compilation album he was recording (really Kristen?) and got an automated "thank you" email back. THEN maybe 4 months later I got a reply email from THE Brian Stokes Mitchell. I was OVER THE MOON!

So that you can also know him better, here's a video of BSM from a talk show promo for Ragtime (in my short list of favorite musicals) His rich, full just need to hear it...

Are you in love?

Ok - so the whole point of this story... back in September, I sold a really great vintage luggage set on our etsy shop.

and here is the message I received along with the sale - "Hello! This great vintage luggage set has been purchased for the new Broadway production Women On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown staring Patti Lupone...."


I jumped around, I screamed, I sang, I cried. Total insanity!! I called my mom to revel in the awesomeness only to find she wasn't home. My dad tried his best to be as excited as he could be. I love my dad.

I packaged it up - with a love note, of course - and sent it on its way to her Broadway debut. My little vintage luggage set has been getting cozy on the Broadway stage for the past month.

At least one of us made it there....go suitcase!!

I think this may have been the official start of Now You Know...

And because no post is a post without a wedding picture - here is the ever adorable Lisa and David while their family and friends gave their toasts.

I'm winking at you Lisa!!
I was just going through some of the shots from the weddings last weekend and HAD to post this one of Jennifer from her wedding in Captiva, FL.

Absolutely stunning...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'm so happy to have this weekend off to relax and spend some time with Todd (I guess editing at 10:30pm on a Friday night is kind of like a weekend off, right? Well at least I'm wearing my pajamas!! That's a good start!!)
These last couple months have been crazy busy with at least two weddings every weekend and I'm so happy to be back home and back to the blog! (we even had four weddings, a concert shoot, and my birthday all in one weekend back in September!!)

I'm just working on some of the final edits from Lisa and David's wedding at ArtisanWorks in Rochester, NY and thought it was about time I shared some of the photos from their awesome engagement shoot!

As a little pre-wedding gift, I made Lisa and David a slideshow with some of my favorite photos from our afternoon in Mendon Pond's Park.

**after you press play, switch the video from 360p to 720p HD in the bottom right corner of the video for the best quality viewing**

How cute are they!! I LOVE Lisa and David.

When I was editing the photos from their engagement session, I was listening to the song I used for the slideshow and the photos just seemed to match it perfectly. So, I decided they shouldn't be enjoyed separately - which is how the little pre-wedding surprise came to life!

Mendon Pond's Park is an enormous vast landscape of fields and trees just outside of Rochester. Not every park features trees as wonderfully shaped as these...

(or a couple this adorable!)

The entire park was filled with gorgeous, dreamy sunlight. It was just beautiful.

And David is just the cutest thing ever!! I can't even tell you how many times I wanted to hug him during their wedding. (...i'm not a weirdo...he's just such a sweetheart! Lisa knows what i'm talkin' about!!)
This park is an absolute fantasyland.
and Lisa looked totally gorgeous!

Even in the steep terrain (it doesn't look that steep but trust me - I was glued to that rickety untrustworthy railing) Lisa did her thing in her super cute heels.
This one makes my heart melt...
and so does this one
and this one too... (how badly do you want to be all snuggly right now!)

One of my favorites from the day - I just love it.

Lisa and David know how to make eachother laugh and how to have fun. You can just see how much they love being in love.

This was the BIGGEST Dandelion I have ever seen, so of course we couldn't waste the opportunity.

I had just bought this window frame the day before, for a project I created that is up for sale in the our etsy shop (click here to take a peek) so I thought I'd grab it from the trunk of the car and get a little artsy - I think it turned out to be a pretty cute shot!

I love this red barn! There were so many wonderful settings all in this one park.

Todd and I had such a fun afternoon with Lisa and David. After this shoot, I was beyond excited for their wedding. I can't wait to share the photos from their big day with you! Lisa was (of course) absolutely stunning, and David was as handsome as ever!
This past weekend was a busy one! We returned home a little over a week ago from shooting Rachel and Matt's Wedding in Minneapolis (check out their sneak peek over on our facebook page) with just enough time to do laundry, re-pack our bags, and head out of town for another awesome weekend!

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of shooting Stacia and Alfonza's Wedding in Charlotte, NC. Stacia is an absolute DOLL!! I love when we knock on the hotel room door and we're welcomed with HUGE smiles, hugs, and tons of excitement - I knew from the start that it was going to be a really great afternoon!!

Here is a preview from their day...

On Sunday, we made our way up to Philadelphia to shoot Angela and Vince's engagement session. Before we met with them, we stopped by Reading Terminal Market to enjoy all of the glorious food they have to offer. WE CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!! (minus the parking ticket we got at 11:07am when our meter expired at 11:04am.....yep...BUT now we also know that you can park for free right at the market if you spend $10 - which is an easy task)

I brought in my camera in hopes of showing you photos of all the wonderful things we tried, but my hands were too busy (and excited!!) shoving food in my mouth to remember to take a picture! Next time.

To view a sneak peek from Angela and Vince's engagement photos, click here to head on over to our facebook page. They are a super fun couple and we laughed A LOT! We can't wait for their wedding next summer.
We're super excited about this! We are officially launching our iPad Wedding albums and iWedding Moments Package. So much is changing in how we display and share our photographs with our friends, family, and co workers over the last few years and we now have the most exciting, the most convenient, and the most fun way to show off your wedding pictures to the world!

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