When we first spoke with Ashley about taking photographs of her family while they were in Daytona Beach on vacation I knew it would be a really fun shoot. Ashley is a photo FANATIC! and loves capturing every moment of her growing (adorable!!) baby boy, Mason.

Mason, as well as mom and dad, came ready to laugh!

everything about this photo is simply gorgeous...

For these next couple of photos, I just couldn't decide if I liked the beachy look, or the black and white version better. So you get to enjoy both styles!

(Mason isn't walking yet - but it sure looks like he can't wait!)

Laughing, smiling, and being too cute for words = Mason with his stylish hat.

*Side story - when I was little I loved to eat sand. By little I mean walking - talking, old enough to know what I was doing, sand eater. I LOVED it! Something about the weird texture..Why I loved it so much seems ridiculous to me now...but i just did.

...now you know

one of my favorites -
Their family vacation didn't just consist of Ashley, her husband Matt, and Mason - it included their whole crew! Ashley has been coming to Daytona beach every year with her extended family since she was Mason's age. A wonderful family tradition that I think is awesome.

After we took some nice family pictures with everyone they all headed back into the hotel to get in their bathing suits for their day at the beach.

I had a chance to shoot some nice moments with just Ashley and Matt.
Best buds.
Mason's little hand was too tiny to push into the sand, so we came up with this. The perfect ending to a super fun morning working with Ashley and her family.

Did you ever love to eat something totally weird when you were little? (or maybe yesterday!) Leave some comments and let me know!!

We've been so blessed with the opportunity to travel all over doing what we love. A while back, I blogged all about our Hawaiian adventures (Read about them here Part I, and here Part II) We had a BLAST!! We were able to make a real vacation of it and enjoy what some of Oahu has to offer.

On one of the last days of our trip, we travelled up to the north shore for the whole reason we were there in paradise - San and Tommy's wedding!!

San was so sweet. She's quiet and calm - a truly beautiful person. Her sisters helped her get all dolled up.

I love being at the beach! (...especially at a beach where I know Jack Johnson is somewhere close by)

The guys were out on the balcony while the girls were getting ready. This was the gorgeous view -

Rain was in the forecast, so when the soon to be newlyweds were ready, we headed out to catch some pictures before the ceremony. How adorable are they!?

Tommy and San live in California, and had vacationed in Hawaii several times. Tommy also proposed to San here on Oahu, so it was the prefect choice for their wedding.

His friends were razzing him right before the ceremony for being too busy texting before his own wedding, but he was just going over his vows one last time! I love when couples say their own vows.
San is the eldest of 4 daughters - this was a big day for dad! One last look from daddy's little girl...

Once the vows started,
so did the emotions.

Not a dry eye in the house!

You couldn't paint a more beautiful backdrop for their wedding.
Finally Mr. & Mrs.!!
...boys will be boys...

We were finishing up just as the clouds were rolling in. How wonderfully dramatic!
The cutest cake topper ever!!!!
Tommy and San are super fun personalities, so they decided to have two of their friends partake in a DANCE OFF to decide which table got to eat first.

Everyone was there to celebrate!
San's beautiful sister giving her toast -
and Tommy's brothers heartfelt wishes for the new couple Because it was such an intimate event, many of their friends had the chance to share their well wishes on the mic. So many wonderful moments.

I love this one...

The weatherman was right that day - it POURED!! Of course the bridal party wasn't going to let this opportunity pass them by.
the bride - being her cute self!!
All of their guests had an amazing time, and we are so grateful they had us come along for the ride. Congratulations Tommy and San!!