This past week was a busy one!! 2 weddings, a family session, and an engagement session. Here are some sneak peeks...

Lauren and Kevin in Washington, DC

Pat and Glen in Rochester, NY

The Lewis Family Vacation!

and an engagement session with Jordan and Jared

What a week!!
This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing two weddings. Danielle and I shot a wedding in Washington, DC, and Todd and Nate were in Rochester, NY.

This afternoon Todd and I were both on different planes heading back home to Orlando. As I was getting settled in my seat I couldn't help but think "I love flying home". Not in the "it's good to be going home" sort of way - but there's something extra special about being on a plane heading to Orlando. No matter what the departure city is, the airplane is always filled with families and children (most of whom taking their first flight) and they're all heading to the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World.

Now, while some people would cringe at the thought of knowing each time they fly home they'll be on a plane with loud children and crying babies... but I can't wait.

As we pushed back from the gate, the family next to me laughed "Are you sure you don't want to go to the parks Dad? What are you going to do the whole time on vacation? Sleep!?"

We waited still at the end of the runway for our turn to go, and the little girl behind me exclaims "I think we're going up!! Are we going up??" The plane was motionless. Her mother replied "Just wait, you'll know when we're going up."

A few moments later and the plane started accelerating. The little girl started laughing hysterically. She just couldn't contain it. Excitement. Joy. Wonder. Awestruck. When the wheels left the pavement, in between the laughter she let out several bursts of "WHOA!" and "Oh Boy!!" over and over. She just couldn't believe it. She tired to point out the things she recognized as they became smaller and smaller. A train, the road, a baseball field, a lake. As they continued to shrink, she still tried - but things became a little less clear. A robot holding a baby. It was more marvelous than she could have ever imagined. We were flying.

You can't help but smile at that pure childhood happiness - it's infectious. Priceless.

I love flying home.

In the past 4 days we've had the pleasure of being with 2 wonderful couples as they said "i do".... I love my job, and the awesome lovebirds I get to work with!

Traci and Eric, Cocoa Beach, FL

Kristin and Ben, Key West, FL

Back in October, we shot Elizabeth and John's beautiful morning wedding - but before that we were up in Atlanta, Georgia for their engagement session! We had such an awesome time with them. It was one of those times where when we first met, it had felt like we were old friends.

The location was just beautiful, I could shoot there every single day.

Elizabeth is a laugher!! She has such a kind, warm spirit. An absolute sweetheart...

And John is your classic fairytale Southern Gentlemen.

While we were walking around from spot to spot John and Elizabeth would just break out dancing! They told us about how they dance all the time!! One of their favorite times to dance - in the aisles at the grocery store. How cute are they!!?

How did we get around this beautiful vast land where we shot you might ask? Well...sitting right here. Way too much laughter ensued! I thought I was going to pop right out like a grasshopper after ever single little bump. Off-roading and a photoshoot all in one!

Absolutely gorgeous!

One of my favorites from the day...

The week before the engagement shoot, John spent most of it baling hay - so we had to grab this shot to commemorate it!! I really like this one.
After a quick change, we grabbed a few more shots in front of the awesome barn.
Under this tree is where John proposed to Elizabeth during a romantic picnic. How amazing!?

The light in this one is just so dreamy. This was definitely one of my favorite little spots where we shot, and of course it was the most dear to John and Elizabeth.
And more spontaneous dancing!

I love the lines in this one...

How cute!! There are so many beautiful trees on this property. I just loved everything about this shoot!
And a classic portrait for mom and dad...

We had such a great time with Elizabeth and John and I can't wait to share their beautiful wedding with you here next on the blog.

I was cleaning through some folders on my computer this morning and found several un-blogged weddings from a while back - so I thought I would share just a few photos!

Back in the Fall of '09 we were in Charlottesville, Virginia for Xiaolan and Wei's wedding on the campus of the University of Virginia. Todd had been there before, but I hadn't and it was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be!

It was a very warm sunny day for the fall - it couldn't have been more perfect.

Xiaolan was absolutely radiant - she was such a proud bride.

Xiaolan and Wei are from China and were both attending UVA getting their Masters'. Their parents and families were not able to come from China to attend, so we took photos of the newlyweds with each of their guests to show their families back home. Their friends, classmates, professors, and mentors were all there to celebrate with them. We also took a big group picture -
An adorable unscripted moment...making sure he looked his best.

Xiaolan and Wei are just so sweet and two of the most gracious people we've had the pleasure of working with. They would say "thank you" after each few photos I would take. They just couldn't help it!

And they had a sweet little cake topper to match.

For their garden reception, they changed into traditional Chinese wedding clothes and they both looked stunning!

It was definitely our pleasure to work with these two kind people. Our bride's and groom's are the best!!

So there was a small bit of my un-blogged stories!
This weekend we were in Sarasota, FL for Kathleen and Cosmas' wedding at The Ritz Carlton. The weather was gorgeous and everyone had a fabulous time! These two were so much fun to work with and I can't wait to tell you more about their day.

Here are a few photos to enjoy until then...

They are a gorgeous couple! I know!! Kathleen is so full of life and has the best laugh, and is Cosmas handsome or what?!

Congratulations Newlyweds!
For those of you who don't know - at our house we have what we like to call "The Farm". Todd LOVES to grow plants. But not decorative flowers, etc. FOOD! Which brings us to The Farm. Over the past year we've grown: various herbs (incl the most gorgeous Basil that was taller than waist high), habanero peppers, red peppers, lettuce, Swiss Chard, Spinach, pumpkins (whose vines totally overtook our yard!!), radishes, tomatoes, and scallions... to name a few. If you saw the size of our yard - you would be AMAZED!!

The plants that are still growing on the farm - Broccoli, a blueberry bush, a Calamondin Orange tree (they are the size of a cherry tomato, and the most SOUR thing you will ever try. But, they look real cute and this tree blossoms ever couple of months which smells amazing).

And my favorite... our lemon tree.

In January 2010 just after my grandma passed away I bought a lemon tree. My grandmother dealt with so many health issues throughout her last couple of years - but she sure made lemonade with the lemons she was dealt. So I bought a little lemon tree as a memory of her.

Fast forward 11 months later and my lemons were ready to be picked this past December! You read correctly - 11 months! But let me tell you, these were the most beautiful lemons you've ever seen!! No weird nubbins at the ends, not dirty and stamped with a company name. Just huge and beautiful!

I took the above photo of a lemon in my hands just to show how big they were! These guys were county fair prize worthy lemons!

Not only did these lemons taste delicious, but the smell was incredible. So fresh and lively!

I used them to make a White cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting. By scratch. Delicious. Where the recipe called for the juice of 5 lemons, I only needed the juice of 1 of my super lemons to equal the same amount. BEAT THAT puny store lemons!

So now that the lemons had been picked and eaten in December. That can only mean one thing come February-April in FL. BLOSSOMS!! If you've ever had the opportunity to experience the wonderful smell that is Orange Blossoms in full bloom, you'll know what I'm talking about. It is one of my most favorite smells in the world.

And my lemon tree is no exception to the citrus blossoms.

They look beautiful and smell heavenly. Our front porch already smells incredible with only 7-8 blossoms opened up, so when the rest of these little purple buds open up - you'll want to hang out on my porch for hours! Trust me!

So there's a little slice of our life! Our farm. And two of my favorite smells; fresh lemons, and their heavenly blossoms.