This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing two weddings. Danielle and I shot a wedding in Washington, DC, and Todd and Nate were in Rochester, NY.

This afternoon Todd and I were both on different planes heading back home to Orlando. As I was getting settled in my seat I couldn't help but think "I love flying home". Not in the "it's good to be going home" sort of way - but there's something extra special about being on a plane heading to Orlando. No matter what the departure city is, the airplane is always filled with families and children (most of whom taking their first flight) and they're all heading to the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World.

Now, while some people would cringe at the thought of knowing each time they fly home they'll be on a plane with loud children and crying babies... but I can't wait.

As we pushed back from the gate, the family next to me laughed "Are you sure you don't want to go to the parks Dad? What are you going to do the whole time on vacation? Sleep!?"

We waited still at the end of the runway for our turn to go, and the little girl behind me exclaims "I think we're going up!! Are we going up??" The plane was motionless. Her mother replied "Just wait, you'll know when we're going up."

A few moments later and the plane started accelerating. The little girl started laughing hysterically. She just couldn't contain it. Excitement. Joy. Wonder. Awestruck. When the wheels left the pavement, in between the laughter she let out several bursts of "WHOA!" and "Oh Boy!!" over and over. She just couldn't believe it. She tired to point out the things she recognized as they became smaller and smaller. A train, the road, a baseball field, a lake. As they continued to shrink, she still tried - but things became a little less clear. A robot holding a baby. It was more marvelous than she could have ever imagined. We were flying.

You can't help but smile at that pure childhood happiness - it's infectious. Priceless.

I love flying home.

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  1. sweetybird09 on August 7, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    Oh that was a great description of your flying home experience, that was cute with that little girl :)


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