Earlier this month, previews for the Broadway show Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown began and the show officially opens next weekend. It stars Patti LuPone (Broadway's First Lady), Sherie Rene Scott, and Brian Stokes Mitchell to name a few... and for those who aren't familiar with Broadway - it's kind of a big deal.

For those of you who don't know, I actually have a BFA in Acting and live for theatre. I grew up performing and spent a year on the road after University in a touring production. So if you were thinking you wanted a mime performance, a Shakespearean sonnet, an interpretive dance, or a belted out showtune as the unforgettable event at your wedding... I can hook a sister up. For real though - I love theatre.

I feel the better my brides know me, the more comfortable they are in front of my camera which allows me to take all of those awesome candid shots which are my favorites - especially the laughing ones... there's just something so wonderful about capturing a laugh.

I'm layin' it all out there so you can know me better - here's my final curtain call before graduation..

Now you know! I think I should start a reoccurring blog installment called "now you know"....hmmmmm.....

Anyway, back to it. Women on the Verge. with Brian Stokes Mitchell = total awesome wonderfulness. He's my absolute favorite. Back in high school I emailed him through his website with a song suggestion for a Broadway compilation album he was recording (really Kristen?) and got an automated "thank you" email back. THEN maybe 4 months later I got a reply email from THE Brian Stokes Mitchell. I was OVER THE MOON!

So that you can also know him better, here's a video of BSM from a talk show promo for Ragtime (in my short list of favorite musicals) His rich, full voice...you just need to hear it...

Are you in love?

Ok - so the whole point of this story... back in September, I sold a really great vintage luggage set on our etsy shop.

and here is the message I received along with the sale - "Hello! This great vintage luggage set has been purchased for the new Broadway production Women On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown staring Patti Lupone...."


I jumped around, I screamed, I sang, I cried. Total insanity!! I called my mom to revel in the awesomeness only to find she wasn't home. My dad tried his best to be as excited as he could be. I love my dad.

I packaged it up - with a love note, of course - and sent it on its way to her Broadway debut. My little vintage luggage set has been getting cozy on the Broadway stage for the past month.

At least one of us made it there....go suitcase!!

I think this may have been the official start of Now You Know...

And because no post is a post without a wedding picture - here is the ever adorable Lisa and David while their family and friends gave their toasts.

I'm winking at you Lisa!!


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