We recently met with the Brown family while they were here on a Disney Vacation. I had spoken with Michele a bunch through emails in the time leading up to their trip and was so excited to meet her family.

These little guys were full of energy and absolutely hilarious! Their favorite colors are yellow and blue.

A quick shot with just mom & dad.

A prize winning smile!

Todd mesmerized the boys with stories about dragons, and Michele said they were talking about it the rest of the week.

When Michele first contacted us, she said that she loves taking pictures and has tons of photos of her family, but none that she's in because she is always behind the camera! I'm so glad we were able to capture the their whole family together.

Whenever we photograph families and the kids (specifically boys) are snuggly and fun with their parents it makes me think of my brother's teenage years where he averted every hug or snuggle from my mom (the "too cool" years!). I always want to tell the parents "snuggle as much as you can now!!"

Michele and Eric, it was a pleasure getting to meet your wonderful family. We had a great time, thank you for the smiles and laughs!

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