We just finished with a crazy busy weekend filled with four weddings and a birthday! So here are all of the details and sneak peeks -

On Friday, Todd was in St. Augustine, FL for Maegan and Philip's wedding on the beach. I've had a chance to flip through all of his pictures, and Maegan looked stunning!! She had the most gorgeous flowing dress - just beautiful.

On Saturday, I was in Rochester, NY for Lisa and David's wedding at ArtisanWorks. I had been looking forward to their wedding FOREVER!! Lisa was absolutely gorgeous, and David looked so handsome. They are one of the sweetest couples! I was telling Lisa's mom at the reception that I was looking forward to their wedding for so long that I didn't want the evening to end!!

Sunday was our double feature! And sometime in the wee hours of the morning - I TURNED 25!! I woke up to phone calls from family, lots of love over on facebook, and a text from my brother telling me "the Detroit Lions called me this morning and said they are dedicating today's win to you as a birthday gift" (they lost...and I'm not a Lions fan...or a football fan...but I sure do love my brother!). It was a great way to start my day!

Back over on the Florida end of the world, Todd was in Celebration for Janelle and Justin's Wedding. This wedding was filled with gorgeous little details. She must have spent months making everything so perfect. Each picture Todd would show me, I would say "ohh I love that!", "that's too cute!!", "that looks delicious!". I can't wait to get a blog up about their day so that you can see all of those gorgeous details I was ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over!! Here is the truly lovely Janelle heading down the aisle -

On Sunday evening, I was at the Esperanza Mansion on Keuka Lake in NY for Beverlee and Nick's wedding. Beverlee is Todd's cousin, and this was our first wedding for family! I had such a great time!! Beverlee looked like Cinderella in her beautiful ball gown wedding dress, and Nick looked like a true gentlemen in his uniform. When they exchanged their rings, Nick gave her a little kiss on her hand. I sighed and smiled along with all of the females there - you can just feel the love that filled their ceremony.
It was a great weekend, and we were so happy to share it with four wonderful couples. Each wedding was so unique - and this is what I LOVE about my job!!

Stay tuned for a giveaway we're working on in honor of my birthday!!


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