In my last post, we were in Charlotte, NC with Stacia and Alfonza for their wedding day filled with non stop laughter! With Todd in the drivers seat and me manning the Garmin and my to-go wedding cake, we made our way to Philadelphia for our engagement session with Angela and Vince the following day.

Some of my favorite things are in Philadelphia; Amos lee (look him up. wonderful musician), Boyz II Men (holla!), Redding Terminal Market, and now add to that list - Angela and Vince!

We had an awesome afternoon with them!

We met these Phillies fans at McFadden's in Citizens Bank Park where these two lovebirds first met.

So here's the scoop on how they first met- Vince was actually inside the stadium before the beginning of a game, and Angela was with some of her girlfriends at McFadden's (the restaurant is attached to the stadium, but you don't need a game ticket to be there)

From an upper balcony within the stadium, Vince spotted Angela below at the restaurant. The game hadn't started yet and once you leave the stadium you can't get back in. No stopping Vince! He walked into McFadden's and straight up to Angela...the rest is history...

And they make the cutest couple! Angela is beautiful -

and knows how to rock pink sparkly kicks like the best of 'em!

I love this one.

After a quick change in the car (fastest ever!) we made our way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Now, I can't be the only one with the insatiable urge to pinch Vince's cheeks - TOO CUTE!!

They have such a fun and relaxed attitude with each other, and they know how to work it!

A simple and classic portrait.

Another one of my favorites from the day. I love everything about it.

Did I mention we had fun? I love them!

I could have photographed these two all day! (Angela and I easily could have kept finding hidden gem little spots to shoot...but football was almost on. Opt out Vince and Todd)

The areas behind the Museum are just gorgeous.

Todd and I can't wait to shoot Angela and Vince's wedding in the Caribbean this summer in St. Lucia. I can only imagine how stunning Angela will look!

We ended our session with two awesome new friends. I love my job.

** Side note story! While we were still at the Phillies stadium, it was CRAZY windy!! Super windy. Like, the day after a hurricane/ Chicago winter windy! Angela was concerned her hair was going to be all over the place, so we were trying to find structures that helped block the wind. Angela's solution? The porta-potty...


These two are the best and we can't wait to share their day with them.


  1. Anonymous on March 21, 2011 at 7:52 AM


    Its official if in a million years when I eventually get engaged you're still in the business of taking wonderful photographs, you're coming to DC to shoot my engagement photos. Hope you're okay with that. You guys do great work.

    Love & Miss Ya!

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